Please try the new Fresh Tobacco Leaves
United Group International


Are Fresh Tobacco Leaves are packaged in convenient size bags and come in Red and Blue. (seen left)

Our own fine selection of pipe tobacco comes from the finest crops in Virginia and is packaged in 6 and 16 ounce bags. (seen below)

We are proud to offer a fine selection of premium cigarette filter tubes. Your choice of king size or 100 mm, 100 or 200 count. Offered in Blue, Red or Green. (seen below)


BOAZ little cigars are no longer little. Introducing BOAZ 120's and for the first timein a hard pack. 20 of fine filtered cigars in each pack, 10 packs per carton. (seen above)

For the first time in the USA , Hat's Off comes in 21 cigars pack. Hats off is a heavy cigar weight 4.1lb. per 1000 cigars. (seen right)

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